Brave Motel

Stay A While

Brave Motel was a leisurely podcast started by 4 friends. After a strong initial run and a brief hiatus, it returned as a hangout/therapy session for 3 guys and some guests. Now we're back as the flagship show on an emerging podcast network.

Go See A Show is a response to the lack of promotion in San Diego's local radio scene. We felt artists should have an outlet to get their content and performances out to as many people as possible. 

Give It To Me Straight is an exploration of why we do the things that make us who we are. Who needs therapy when you have the unending void that is the internet? 

You Guys Are Great For Podcasts

At the top of part two, Alan laments the current state of film. Fantastic 4 ( or Fant4stic) was a bad movie that Charles desperately wanted to be a good movie. Andres doesn’t like Paul Rudd and Alan does a pitch perfect Leslie Mann impression. Six Degrees of Separation is a great game for parties. Charles tells a story about a party getting raided. Alan and Charles used to have really bad sleeping habits.

Cosmically Meaningless

This is THE genesis of the current version of Brave Motel. In late 2016 I had Alan and Andres on the show for the first time and it was dope right out the gate. When I brought the show back, they were the first people I thought of to co-host and here we are.

Right up top, we talk about how pleasantries are bullshit and how hard diarrhea is to spell. This was also back when we used to have Random Facts Of The Show as a segment (maybe we’ll bring it back). Alan drops some knowledge about how to get the best Chinese food off their secret traditional menu. Andres does not have a good fact, but he did have a turtle that died. Charles teaches us about how jellyfish are taking over. Cosmic irrelevance is both freeing and cripplingly depressing. We’re all ready for robot parts. Charles and Alan teach Andres not to tie media to a relationship. The episode ends with some top quality dog content.



Luigi Galvani (the dude who thought frog balls were in their legs)

5 Bizarre Accidents That Helped Invent Modern Medicine

Giant jellyfish found in the Gulf of Mexico

Charles Has The Best Butt

Another Monday, another Brave Motel! Alan and Charles are both having a weird depressed hook up phase. Charles' life goal is to be a trophy husband. Luis tells a recent hookup story as a non-sad boi, while Cindy interrupts again. Charles objectively has the best butt on the show. If you don't like Black Dynamite, we can't be friends. Alan tells the absolute worst secondhand sex story.

2014-09-25 19.02.01.jpg

Arguing The Same Point

Back from a booze break. We date the show a little bit by talking about Justin Timberlake's latest switcheroo and Fergie's fun rendition of America's theme song. Charles offers a hot take on Bruno Mars, starting a discussion about the nature of modern media. We kind of get into an argument about theater? It turns out we're arguing completely different points. We were drunk.

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Seinfeld But With Brown People

It's Brave Motel again! I'm trying out some new co-hosts in the form of Alan and Andres. It's tangents right out the gate. I unintentionally talk shit about previous guests, and then we talk about how we wanna die. I spend way too long roleplaying a boring married couple making a baby. There's also a brief insight into our home lives because Cindy came in. Also, the Mighty Ducks are ridiculous and Space Jam is a period piece.

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Thighs Out, Cries Out

Chel and Rusty get on board for the next part of the show! It gets weird right out the gate. Depression is fun times, everything we grew up with was real weird, and great alt-rock band names make awful people names. Rusty and I nerd out about Superman for a bit. The worst thing to happen to this show appears as a gift from Rusty: a sound effect Keychain. Then, Alan appears out of nowhere to join the madness and I know way too much about Darkwing Duck.

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