Brave Motel

Stay A While

Brave Motel was a leisurely podcast started by 4 friends. After a strong initial run and a brief hiatus, it returned as a hangout/therapy session for 3 guys and some guests. Now we're back as the flagship show on an emerging podcast network.

Go See A Show is a response to the lack of promotion in San Diego's local radio scene. We felt artists should have an outlet to get their content and performances out to as many people as possible. 

Give It To Me Straight is an exploration of why we do the things that make us who we are. Who needs therapy when you have the unending void that is the internet? 

Mylène Pt. 3

Mylène got way too comfortable during the break and is fully reclined for the rest of the interview. I also turn away from the mic a lot to pour drinks. We continue talking about our mentality when it comes to performance. We also talk about what stagnation can lead to. At the end, I completely misinterpret a very simple question.

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Mylène Pt. 2

Part 2 with Mylène starts with how good we are at blaming ourselves for any conceivable situation in our lives. I point out how most issues we have tend to boil down to one or two central traits. We talk about the varying scales of narcissism, how dismissive and vaguely selfish it is to say “Oh, you’re not fat/ugly/etc.”, and how normal false equivalence is in society. There are a lot of therapeutic ways to deal with stuff that aren’t necessarily therapy,but work even if they are really weird. Lenn gets into the other prompt in the last leg of this episode, explaining how she got into improv comedy. All performers are similarly weird for getting involved in performance arts in the first place.

Intro Music: The Warmth - Fat Night

Outro Music: Spacesuit - Matt and Sam’s Brother (x)

Mylène Pt. 1

Mylène, aka Lenn, aka Lennie is on the show! At the time, Mylène and I were basically strangers. Lenn goes from prompt two to start with. She addresses her body image issues in relation to how she’s perceived by others and how that affects her in various relationships. We talk about the things that we feel make us undesirable in romantic relationships. We take a tangent into death for a while, like the tendency to only talk positively about people who have died, and how we personally respond to personal loss and other people grieving. Being  egocentric manifests in weird ways especially when combined with other fun mental quirks.

Into/Outro Music: You’re Good, But I’m Better - Kill J

Cindy Pt 2

Disclaimer: My mixer was on its way out when this was being recorded, so the sound quality is a little off.

Part 2 of Cindy’s interview starts with why she enjoys music (since we took so many tangents in the first hour) both as a performer and an instructor, the importance of diversifying your music experience and keeping up different skills. When we get into the second prompt, we sort of struggle to nail down Cindy’s growth in regards to how she manages her personality quirks. She talks about her passive desire for attention and the different ways it manifests. Cindy then decides to eat the world’s loudest candy into the microphone. We both love calling things trash and garbage and explaining the difference between the two. I drop some vaguely related knowledge about narcissism in our culture and how easy it’s become to find an audience as technology develops.

Intro Music: Garbage Truck - Sex Bob-Omb

Outro: Now You Know My Name - The Derevolutions

Cindy Pt 1

Disclaimer: My mixer was on its way out when this was being recorded, so the sound quality is a little off.

This episode has been sat on for so long it’s practically a throwback. Cindy was one of the first guests I had on the show and I don’t really know what happened with editing and publishing it, but it’s finally here! Cindy (following my trend of almost exclusively musicians on this show) talks about her musical origins, we talk about how we picked the instruments we started on, and the desire for music as a job. Cindy explains how she was late to the game becoming a music student in college, we breakdown the instrument personality types, try to call attention to the apathy we’ve noticed in some musicians, compare music programs, reminisce about high school band, and talk way too much about our respective jobs.

Fountain Bling by Egghedd

Hotline Bling (SNES) by Seelocanth

Merissa Pt. 2

Part 2 with Merissa start of with some bathroom talk, but is mostly about relationships. We talk about different personality dynamics, growing up as the oldest sibling, and how we deal with conflict in romantic situations. I’m kind of a hypocrite in this area, but we talk about how to give and receive advice and when it’s appropriate to do so. In a bit of a tangent I say a bunch of stuff about language I refuse to fact check.We also talk about some shortcomings in communication we both have. There’s just a lot of different things being talked about

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Merissa Pt. 1

With possibly the longest pre-show conversation to date, it’s Merissa! Merissa’s a vocalist friend of mine, so you can probably guess what we talk about. At least at first. We very quickly get into the fear of failure, rejection, and not being supported. Merissa talks about her personal mission to make people feel good and we consider where that comes from. “Podcasting as therapy” should be a thing

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Rip and Reggie

A dual interview! This episode features friends and fellow musicians Rip and Reggie. Reggie talks about the personal reward of playing for a small community, how he sees himself verses what his behavior shows, and we compare our work/life balance. Rip modifies the prompt a bit by instead explaining how he got to the point where he can enjoy the things he's a part of. He discusses his introversion, getting over the fear of being a beginner and how that affected getting into music and education. Rip and I relate our struggles with selfishness and being better than we might see ourselves. Overall, it's a very solid discussion with two men I look up to.

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This week I talk to my longtime cohost of The Ignorance Hour and Brave Motel, and close friend Scott! We talk about the appeal of outdoors, the different kinds of life goals, travel, moving away from your hometown, Scott being either really hot or cold about his endeavors, concerns about not responding to things emotionally, how that might influences his relationships, and then I ramble about my last breakup for a bit.


Paloma Pt. 2

Part 2 of my talk with Paloma. We start out talking about roommates, and take a quick break for a donut delivery (we recorded on national donut day 2015). Paloma points out that one of the prompts is basically a first date question and then talks about how boring her hobbies sound. We also tackle neediness in the arts and the hazards of venting. Things get pretty dark in the middle in regards to how we deal with negative emotions. We get a little lighter afterwards with our discussion of relationships and performance.


Paloma Pt. 1

In this first part of Paloma's  interview we talk about the sketchy circumstances of where we're recording, her difficulty saying no to strangers, the balance of risk and new experiences, and ill advised shots that she has done twice.

Give It To Me Straight - Samantha

Right up top, my dog, Diva, is in the room walking around while we're recording. I talk to her a lot and I'm sorry. Sam is  good sport, though. She talks about committing to photography as a career. Sam also talks about her insecurity regarding her voice, which I can definitely relate to. Sam is a really cool person and I enjoyed this session with her.

Give It To Me Straight - Christian

Christian's episode was the first recorded following the Vegas round table. He was actually one of the first people considered for this show and we had a really solid chat, even if it was a short one. Christian talks about his creative process when he draws and his tendency to draw puns. He also opens up about how he tends to take on too much at once out of excitement, often to his detriment. Overall, he's pretty self aware and really cuts to the core of his answers to the prompts. At the end we talk about one of my favorite things he created, The Time Drunks.