Brave Motel

Stay A While

Brave Motel was a leisurely podcast started by 4 friends. After a strong initial run and a brief hiatus, it returned as a hangout/therapy session for 3 guys and some guests. Now we're back as the flagship show on an emerging podcast network.

Go See A Show is a response to the lack of promotion in San Diego's local radio scene. We felt artists should have an outlet to get their content and performances out to as many people as possible. 

Give It To Me Straight is an exploration of why we do the things that make us who we are. Who needs therapy when you have the unending void that is the internet? 

Rip and Reggie

A dual interview! This episode features friends and fellow musicians Rip and Reggie. Reggie talks about the personal reward of playing for a small community, how he sees himself verses what his behavior shows, and we compare our work/life balance. Rip modifies the prompt a bit by instead explaining how he got to the point where he can enjoy the things he's a part of. He discusses his introversion, getting over the fear of being a beginner and how that affected getting into music and education. Rip and I relate our struggles with selfishness and being better than we might see ourselves. Overall, it's a very solid discussion with two men I look up to.