Brave Motel

Stay A While

Brave Motel was a leisurely podcast started by 4 friends. After a strong initial run and a brief hiatus, it returned as a hangout/therapy session for 3 guys and some guests. Now we're back as the flagship show on an emerging podcast network.

Go See A Show is a response to the lack of promotion in San Diego's local radio scene. We felt artists should have an outlet to get their content and performances out to as many people as possible. 

Give It To Me Straight is an exploration of why we do the things that make us who we are. Who needs therapy when you have the unending void that is the internet? 

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Making It Personal

Give It To Me Straight was actually the first idea for getting this podcast business started again. Brave Motel (the show) is all fun and games, but we wanted something with a little more purpose. GITMS  is an exploration of why we do the things that make us who we are.

Charles, as the host, presents 2 prompts to each guest:

  1. What is something you really enjoy doing? Why do you like it? What does it do for you?
  2. What is something about yourself that you don't like? Why do you think you feel that way? Are you working on it?

Some people are pretty self-aware or just really succinct, so some of the episodes are going to be on the short side, but others are going to get deep. There will be a few we break into more than one episode.

Get ready to get to know us.

Published Bi-monthly, Starting July 9